In this article we are going to analyze the future rollercoin mining art contest, we are going to see how to generate a miner, what requirements we need to be able to participate and what are the prizes that are awarded to the winners.

What is the event ?


The contest theme, Miners Icy Lab 🧊, invites participants to submit their designs by December 3 for a chance to win up to 6,500 RLT, with 8 or more winners. Featured creations will be selected through Community Voting. Be sure to review the Style Guidelines and Technical Guide for essential tips. These are found in the official Rollercoin account.

Premios Rollercoin

Is there any other way to win prizes?


Below we present the Event Miners category, where these miners will find their way to upcoming events, creation offers and sales. There is no limit to the number of miners you will be able to send here, the more amazing miners we have, the more we will add to the game! For each miner added to the game in this category, creators will receive:

🔸 250 RLT 🔸 A copy of your miner

This can be a good opportunity if you don’t have much imagination since you have unlimited attempts and there is no theme.

Evento diseño mineros

How do I participate in the contest?


Your vote has the power! The top designs for the Season 11 Community Box will be selected through Community Voting at the end of the contest.

Technical Requirements Now that you have a clear idea of your miner design, you need to understand the technical criteria for creating a miner.

These requirements are quite simple, consult our Technical Guide to obtain all the necessary information 👇

Rollercoin official link for the guide







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