Baterias Rollercoin

In this article we are going to see how the new battery system works in Rollercoin, today the game has released an article explaining how it works. Here we are going to analyze it, and we are going to see if the update that they are going to implement is going to provide you with a benefit to obtain more money from this game.

What is the update?


As you have announced, this Electricity update has gone through several versions before reaching you, and each one has been improved thanks to your suggestions and opinions. The truth is that the opinion of you, our players, is everything to us. This is what the company has communicated regarding the future update.

It is also worth noting that the update will be released on November 22 at 🕖 to avoid any type of confusion.


Baterias rollercoin

How do I get batteries?


The chances of obtaining batteries will be dynamic, depending on the total supply in the game, including Market and Inventory.

The main benefits and the way to obtain them will be these, which will reward the player who plays every day and not the one who simply spends money.


  1. Play games to get batteries.
  2. Sell batteries to other players in the Market.
  3. Get RLT benefits, in addition to the energy gained from playing.





How will this update impact the game?


This update will bring with it several positive consequences. Without anxiety, the option to play semi-passively is back!

🐹 New Players:

It will not be necessary to spend additional funds on batteries, which will facilitate the integration process and the first steps in building your own mining empire 🙌.

🎮 Active Players:

You will surely get the most out of this update and leave behind those who prefer not to play!








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