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In this article we are going to see the new updates and changes that the new rollercoin update has in store for us. Yesterday the Rollercoin staff spoke out and showed us some future changes through a post on their official website.

Changes in the battery system?

Over the past few months, we have carefully collected all your comments about the Electrical System. The latest update has gone through several iterations, and each one has been reworked and improved based on your input. Now, getting batteries will be much easier, and the efficiency of a single battery has increased! It can recharge all your miners for 3 days in a row!

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Improvements in the market?

The characteristics of miners and racks are now displayed directly on the offer listing page. What’s been added: Collection Bonus Rack Bonus 📌 Some new filters have also been added. Finding the item you need is much easier now! Just set your desired parameters 👇 Collection Bonus Rank Rack Bonus Rank Sort by Power Sort by Collection Bonus Sort by Rack Bonus
This generates an improvement in both aesthetics and comfort in the market since it becomes much simpler to find miners that you need and that fit what you are looking for.


Evento diseño mineros

Anti-hacker improvements

Protecting fair players from cheaters has always been our top priority, the team said. Fixed a bug that allowed manipulation of market prices by continuously editing order prices. A CAPTCHA has also been added for market operations. This change is very positive for the community as it shows us that RollerCoin cares about players and punishes cheaters.

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