In this article we are going to see how miners work, we will be able to see how they obtain their functions, mining power and what is the best way to obtain them at a good price to progress easily in RollerCoin.

What are miners?

The miners are one of the most important things about RollerCoin along with the RLT, these can be obtained in the season pass or in exchange for RLT, they all have a mining power and a % bonus which will mean that the more we add, the more benefits they are generating us.

Where is it better to buy miners?

The most advisable thing is to obtain them in the marketplace, if you still don’t know how it works here I leave you the link so you can see how the marketplace works. But they can also be obtained both from the battle pass and by playing the mini games. Even so, we will always recommend the market since it is where the best prices are found.



How to know if a miner is profitable?

To know if a miner is efficient or simply a good offer, we have to base ourselves on 2 factors, the first is its mining power, which is what will generate more or less cryptocurrencies and the second is the % bonus. To know if it is a good investment, I recommend dividing the mining power by the RLT it costs and that way you will know which generates a better overall performance for each RLT you spend.











The rollercoin miners are going to be the basis to start earning money since these are the ones that will give us mining power, it is true that when you start it is advisable to start buying the cheapest but with perseverance and patience you can improve and get a better performance to your miners.