How to register in Rollercoin?

Rollercoin Register

In this article we are going to see how to register to start our account in Rollercoin, so we can start playing this play to earn game and generate passive income in cryptocurrencies.

Registrarse Rollercoin

First steps to register


The first step to start is to access Rollercoin, if you want to access click on this link to start in rollercoin. That said, the first step will be to press the sign in with email option, since the others are used once you already have your rollercoin account created.


Second step to create your account


As the image indicates, step 2 will be to enter your email and password to be able to register permanently in rollercoin. Once this is done you can start on your way in this play to earn video game and generate income passively.

If you want some advice once you start, you can read this article on “Tips for beginners”

What rewards will I receive for registering?


By registering in rollercoin you will receive a reward of 1000 satoshi that in a while with work and effort you can exchange directly for bitcoins.

If you want to register in rollercoin you can access from here


Rollercoin registrarse



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