When does the new Rollercoin mobile app come out?


Rollercoin App

As Rollercoin has confirmed from its Twitter, the rollercoin app will soon be available for mobile devices. It is not yet available but they have confirmed that we will soon be able to find the application available


When will the Rollercoin App be available?


Currently, although the Tweet may make it seem that it will be available in the coming weeks, we still do not have a confirmed date, but having been a reliable source to be able to test the new Rollercoin App, despite this, it is believed that it will be available at the end of 2023 despite not having been announced.




Can I play Rollercoin from my mobile?


Currently the option most similar to the Rollercoin application is the option to play from your device’s browser, this can be played without any problem, but it has various playability problems for the mini games and it becomes somewhat difficult to play. on regular basis.




Currently we have no further news about the availability of the Rollercoin App, despite not knowing the date we already have official confirmation that they are working on the app so we do not believe it will be a long period. This will help all mobile gamers since they will be able to play in a more comfortable way







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